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 My tumbled crystals are gently tumbled in house by me personally. They are not bulk tumbled from a supplier. Upon an orders arrival I clean and choose by energy what crystals want to be tumbled. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to tumble a single small batch of crystals. This allows for you to receive a highly cared for and unique crystal as I do not tumble so roughly that the stone takes on a new shape, but rather tumble gently to allow the stone to retain its individual qualities. Tumbling this way allows for you to have a softer feeling crystal that has retained the natural shape it had taken on after being harvested. I then polish each tumbled crystal by hand using natural polishers that will bring out the color of the crystal. Being tumbled in this manner also allows for small batches, usually 3-6 crystals at a time, allowing you to be able to choose the tumbled crystal you would like to receive.


 Rough crystals are hand selected by me for your order. Know that all rough stones are unique and individual but due to the quantity of my supply I cannot put up every individual rough stone I carry. However, this does not mean you will be stuck with a crystal you do not feel attached to. I believe in personal one on one service with crystals. If you would like to see the rough crystals and help, choose the right one for you, please feel free to leave a message in the message box stating you would like to see the rough stones and upon purchase and I will happily reach out to you before wrapping up your order. 

Differences in Tumbled VS Rough:

  • Raw or rough crystals transmit their energy as sharp and powerful.

  • Tumbled crystals transmit a strong yet softened energy.


 The healing energies and spiritual meanings of the crystal rough or tumbled is always the same. For any crystal enthusiast is best to own all variations of a crystal from tumbles to pyramids so you may receive the crystals energy in ways that is unique from that crystals shape.

 Each stone you purchase tumbled or rough will be wrapped in paper envelopes will be sprinkled in fresh California White Sage, and all individually labeled. White Sage is known to keep a crystals energy clean and clear. I want each stone to have clean energy until it reaches you where you can input your own intentions into the stone and make it your own. 

Why purchase La Hermosa Bruja Crystals?

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