Spiritual Protection for Empaths

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Spiritual Protection for Empaths

What is an empath?

Via psychalive.org/empaths : "Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. Psychologists may use the term empath to describe a person that experiences a great deal of empathy, often to the point of taking on the pain of others at their own expense."

Read that last part again, “often to the point of taking on the pain of others at their own expense.”

Now, to see if we fall into this area of psychic ability let's look at a simple list of traits I have gathered together on the subject.

Traits of the empath:

  • Introverted and prefer to be alone or with only 1 or 2 people around.

  • Can be moody and emotional after being around others that absorb energy from others. Others being constant complainers, energy vampires or self-serving.

  • Overwhelmed by crowds and large gatherings all leave you feeling exhausted in the end.

  • Sensitive to loud noises or overwhelming smells causing a sensory overload and illness.

  • Cannot watch the news, horror films, sad tv shows, anything with any type of pain and suffering.

  • Can attract narcissists, control freaks, energy vampires, any negative relationship type.

  • Usually an enabler. We care way too much and can allow others to misuse us. We do this out of love

Personal story: Right now I am having a hard time in a certain situation that I have been in for a few years. Now, I was taught by my Father the importance of working hard by just watching my father. No matter what day it was my Dad worked, no matter how he felt he went to work, no matter the holiday my dad went to work. Today as an adult in the professional field, I have taken on his work ethic.

With being such a hard-working individual and being an empath, this can make things extremely difficult for me. I not only work to support my family, but I do it out of love and loyalty. Not only do I do my work, I “feel” my work. I will feel bad for someone who may be struggling and take on anything to make life easier for them. I will take on loads of responsibility, so they do not feel the pressure or feel overwhelmed. If someone is suffering or needs extra help, I am the first one to help. Some people have become so accustomed to me saving the day, that they just now automatically dump the extra work load on me. Because I have been doing this, for many years, I’m to the point of exhaustion and can no longer give the amount I use to as I am completely drained emotionally, physically and mentally.

Even though others have had a hand in how I am feeling now, the truth is I am the only one truly responsible for the state I am in. I knew the signs, and they started years ago! I knew I needed to boost myself in areas of grounding, learning to say no and controlling my emotions but I was so overwhelmed that I gave up on myself and allowed myself to burn. Specifically because I hold myself at an unreasonably high standard.

To understand the power our empathic abilities have on not just ourselves but on others, we need to focus on how these overwhelming emotions come from and how the energy drainages can occur.

This meme I found on Instagram is the perfect representation of how we are affected by people around us and even our environment.

The one thing it does not show is the after effect. We remain tied to the individual or place though cords with hooks on the end of them. This is why SO MANY people will come running back to us for help, or guidance or just to vent all their drama and chaos. They need someone to take the bad from them because they themselves have NO IDEA how to remove it other than to vent to a human sponge aka The Empath. This is where we as empaths have a hard time. How can you say no to someone you love, or not help when asked? As empaths it is in our nature to be co-dependant and enablers. The key is once you have made that realization and know it's time to do something about it, we can turn it all around in our favor.

So, how do we teach ourselves and others to block this sort of attachment from occurring? We need to develop a self care regimen that must be done on a DAILY BASIS. Yes, daily. That means a total overhaul of how we live our life day to day. It seems like a lot of work but like all spiritual self care practices once you start doing utilizing these techniques on a daily basis, it really does become apart of your life and who you are as a person. You can see dramatic results in your thoughts, feelings and actions as well as a boost in self esteem and energy.

  • Grounding

Grounding is a MUST for all Empaths. In order to remain connect to this plane of existence and not find our self drifting off into a daydream or allow other people's minds interfere with our daily life we must ground to remain focused and in the present moment. Grounding should be done morning as soon as you get up and before you go to bed to achieve this down to earth, focused mindset.

  • Shielding

Shields Up RED ALERT! Sorry, the Trekkie in me couldn't help it. But this is exactly how I feel when that one coworker or friend who always complains makes a bee line straight for me. Placing a protective barrier around yourself is a must. The thicker and less translucent the more protection you recieve. So remember if you have a really overwhelming psychic vampire in your life, a simple bubble will not suffice. Also keeping a protective stone on you will increase the shields energy as sometimes you may not be feeling well and have a harder time

  • Crystals

Using crystals and gemstones not only benefits your energetic aura but adds needed energy to your self protection. Doing it all alone can make you very tired and even drained depending on how much protection you need. Utilizing crystals and stones can help by using their natural energies to amplify your energies and add their own protective qualities to your aura.

  • Self-care

Taking a ritual bath or shower is a MUST for an empath. Water helps not only keep our physical bodies clean, but helps cleanse and remove negative energies from the aura. Baths or showers mixed with the positive energy of himalayan salts and crystals will give an even deeper spiritual cleanse and add on so much more to your self care routine. Along with keeping clean, brushing your teeth, hair, sleeping in on occasion and scheduling some alone time all benefits an empath. The better your body feels the more in control of your own emotions you will be.

  • Meditation

Guided meditations can help with the removal of cords, learning to be in the present moment, and learning to silence the mind from overwhelming negative thoughts and emotions. All of these techniques can vastly improve your overall mental health and reconnect you to feeling your own emotions.

These 5 helpful tools when utilized in daily practice will help you gain control of your empathic abilities and keep you from becoming burned out and overwhelmed.

Please Join me Friday nights for my show Spirit Guide 101 on The Spirit Realm Network.

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