Spiritual Protection and the Power of Belief

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Spiritual Protection and the Power of Belief

First thing that needs to be understood about spiritual protection is that you must believe that what you are doing is going to work. You must believe in what you are using, and you must believe in your ability to protect yourself, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, it is up solely to you how strong the protection you place upon yourself is. Lifestyles and choices all play apart in how strongly you can protect yourself as they can interfere with the strong self-esteem esteem needed for spiritual protection. The following is a short list of what can get in the way of placing strong protective barriers leaving you open to psychic attacks, energy vampires, malevolent entities and worse.

  • Coming from a religious background that instills fear or retribution by a God for trying to protect yourself or utilizing techniques outside of your religion. Being told you are not “divine enough” to cleanse your own self or home and the idea that “only a priest can do it” because they are “closer to God”.

  • Alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, ego complex, mental disorders all get in the way of strong spiritual protection techniques. Therefore, they call it ‘battling your demons’ because most of the people who suffer from these ailments are more prone to experiencing psychic attacks, attachments, attracting living energy vampires and narcissists that will eventually deplete and destroy a person’s positive energy.

  • Abusive relationships break a person down in all aspects leaving no energy to place protective barriers. This includes bad parental relationships, friendships that are one sided, bad coworker, bad sibling relationships, basically anyone that leaves you feeling beaten down emotionally and mentally. Also, someone with horrible self-talk. That someone who is always unhappy and complaining about their life and never seems to find any happiness. Aka People who always use the phrase FML.

  • Your environment. Cold, wet, damp places have a higher suicide rates for a reason. Homes that are multiple rentals with residual energies not cleansed, where the energy feels wrong, etc. all can put a damper on your protection efforts. Including unhealthy work environments where there are no windows, no talking, no connection and bad negative coworkers.

  • Mental attitude. Being in the dark. Not learning, growing, changing, or remaining stagnate. Believing you are never wrong. Not accepting responsibility for your actions, remaining closed off to spiritual or human enlightenment, staying ignorant.

One must understand, Spiritual Protection practices require a complete spiritual overhaul of your life style as it must be implemented regularly to work to its full potential. There must be a schedule or regimen done daily, weekly, monthly to keep it potent and strong.

The protection you set will be as strong as the power of your belief and you must BELIEVE IN YOURSELF to achieve this power. In order to do this, we need to feel uplifted and have a positive, happy, body, mind and environment in which to thrive. This is where we need to start removing the things that no longer serve us so we can feel this uplifting rising above all that negative energy. This will boost self-esteem and increase your personal power to draw your protective boundaries. Some items above will take time to handle but there is still hope for placing protective barriers. If we fall off the wagon, then of course we must start over but that’s just life. The important thing to remember is to get back up and keep trying to achieve this positive lifestyle. The more you achieve the more powerful your spiritual protection practices will become as you self esteem will grow with every achievement you make.

Now, going it alone placing spiritual protection around yourself as a part of your daily lifestyle can lead you to energy drain and extreme fatigue. Therefore, we call upon protective items like crystals, herbs, salts, sound aka wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, uplifting music, to help us in our efforts especially when we are battling some of the issues above. Each item has its own unique qualities that are then activated by our intent or energy to use them.

One of the best things about being a paranormal docent is listening to stories that reaffirm my beliefs.

One night I was a docent for a paranormal team. One of their members was COVERED in spiritual protection amulets, crystals, stones, really it was almost everything you can imagine. This woman proceeded to tell me and others that no matter where she has gone, she is always attacked by the malevolent spirits of the location and even though she is afraid to get attacked she still goes on the investigations of the team.

Why didn’t they work for her?

  • She was expecting the items to do the work for her.

  • She did not have a firm belief that she herself was in control of these items.

  • Some of the stones she had were fake. Glass.

  • She was expecting other people to jump in to help her when she was afraid.

Long story short, the power you carry to protect yourself is within you. You must find that inner strength to know beyond a show of a doubt that you can protect yourself. You also must educate yourself on items and know the difference between what is real, what is fake and know that if one thing worked for someone else, that does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Know that a cleansing from another person can temporarily solve an issue but in the end it's up to you to keep the protection going. Do not fall for scams from people who charge you for every spiritual cleansing they do for you and who promise that it will go away with more cleansings. True spiritual teachers will guide you into what to do, show you techniques then allow you to develop and utilize what works best for you.

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