New Year's Resolutions and how to make them work for you.

Right now there are tons of news stories and social media posts about making your resolutions for the coming year. The problem with resolutions is that we never seem to get them to stick, leaving us feeling bad about ourselves by the time spring rolls around. At that point we just chuck it in the "fuck it bucket" and move on, forgetting why we wanted to accomplish this resolution in the first place. This can be a dangerous thing especially if the resolution was to be more healthy or to remove yourself from a harmful situation. In this blog let's look into the type of resolutions that are wise for you to make and how to clear your mindset for the ability to achieve them for the long term.

Now most resolutions that are made are really with out of our reach. For example, if you are 400 pounds and your goal is to lose 300 in the first 6 months, chances are that will not happen. I'm not being a pessimist, just a realist. In truth, this goal is achievable with surgery and help from medical professionals, but if you are just planning on eating healthy and exercising your chances are very slim. It is not entirely anyone's fault eaither. Our society flaunts fast food joints and junk food on every corner. They set a standard of what is considered beautiful and healthy and unless your a millionaire and have people to photoshop you, no ordinary person looks like the cover of anyone on Vanity Fair. In reality, not even the ones on the cover look like that! Most people who are extremely obese not only have physical predispositions for this problem but have psychological reasons as well. This is where this resolution falls sort. You make the goal, but you have not removed any blocks in your path or even asked for help. Eventually you see little results and revert back to what is easier to do by ignoring the issue all together. There is one basic thing we must learn before setting our resolutions and that involves the perception of perfection.

Society expects perfection. In my opinion there is only one thing on this planet that

is perfect and it is only perfect for a very short while. A newborn. A newborn baby is untainted. Their mind is perfectly simple and knows only love. This perfection is something we strive to get back for the remainder of our lives but reality dictates that is never again going to happen to us, until we die. We must learn that the imperfections are what make us who we are. So when it comes to our resolutions trying to reach perfection should be removed from your mind set. You want to be the best at something, at the top of something, but not perfect at something. No one can be perfect at anything. Mistakes can and always will be made, leading to a feeling of imperfection and failure. You can't achieve anything feeling this way, so once the desire for perfection is eliminated then you can move on into making your resolutions list. Remember that every goal we have for ourselves is within our reach, we just have to do the work to get there and it is going to require more than just making a simple list to look at every once in a while.

Resolution lists should be short and you should have a plan to help you achieve them. Setting yourself up for failure but making 20 resolutions without a plan means that more than half will be tossed in the bucket. You also don't want to make just one resolution either. You do need to challenge yourself if you want to be the best at something, so stick with a nice simple number. I personally do 5. When you make your list you need to make sure that you also look into how it can be achieved and what needs to be removed from your life to allow it to happen.

Start off by buying a journal. YES, you need to write things down! Why? Seeing them makes them reality. If you can't afford one use any piece of paper and always keep your journal or paper with you. Ask anyone who knows me, they never see me without mine. This will help remind you of what you need to accomplish daily. It also brings organization to what you want to achieve. The first thing I write down is a Remove List. Then from that I make my Resolution/Goal List. This helps me see what is holding me back and helps me make obtainable goals.


I would like to remove for 2019

  • Procrastination

From this list you can then plan on how to remove them by actually seeing with your own two eyes in your own words what is standing in your way. Then you can plan your goals accordingly.


2019 Resolutions/Goals

  1. I need to get up and do what needs to be done. Stop thinking that I am not good enough and find a way to have the energy mentally and physically to do so. To help me with this I need to exercise more, eat healthy and lose some weight. I will require the help of my family to make sure we eat better on a daily basis and to walk with me or exercise with me. I will need the help of my doctor to find a solution to my lack of energy.

If you noticed I did not make the resolution specific. It is not just about losing weight but removing the procrastination that stops me from doing so. It also incorporates the help of others as most things that are important cannot be done solely on your own. In order to achieve things you do need to gain the help of those around you. If you do not have anyone willing to help you then you need to rethink those you allow in your life. If you cannot remove those types of people at this time you can always ask for professional help or seek groups and counselors that will support you. Also note that the removal of the procrastination is not just about the weight loss but about anything that gets procrastinated on. If you remove the block not only will it help you with your one goal but in ALL areas of your life.

Now let's say a few weeks after making these goals you fall off the wagon. It's not the end of the world, you just get up and try again, right? That is another place we lose our interest in moving forward. We are not taking the time to see what stopped us. You have to take the time and look at why you fell off. Was the workout to hard or too advanced for you? Did you not have time or funds to get to the doctor to check and see if you have any physical issues prohibiting you from losing the weight? Are you suffering from a disorder that is going untreated? Did you keep eating late night snacks because you got home too late from work? Once you figure out where you went wrong adjust your resolutions accordingly. Get on a prescription medication. Start with an exercise routine that is slower and more to your comfort. Plan meals ahead of time and plan for late nights by bringing a dinner to eat while working. Adjustments can be made to the goals we set as life is always changing around us. Don't allow the fear of making nessesary changes or life throwing you a curveball discourage you. Life is all about change and changes happen all the time. Adjust your list, and life accordingly and you will see the changes you desire within yourself.

I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful 2019!

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