Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Just like the birds fluttering around making their nests, we find ourselves eager to cleanse our home of last year’s dust and dirt that accumulated around the door frames. We become thrilled at the idea of opening our windows to allow the cool spring breeze blow throughout the house taking the stagnant air away. We are longing to remove all the old remnants of things that no longer serve their purpose, like the sock that has no pair and the ketchup and soy-sauce packets that have piled up in the back of a drawer. You know, the ones that no one is quite sure how long they have been there for and thus becoming too afraid to use.

We call this feeling "spring cleaning" and everyone gets a bit of the fever. You see garage sales starting to pop up, Craigslist gets bombarded with old tables and glassware and even the stores get in a new stock of plastic tubs as more people demand organization for ease in their lives. Not only should we be dusting and sorting and organizing our homes and garages, but have you ever thought about the importance of spring cleaning your spiritual items as well? Probably not, if you are stuck in the day to day survival mode of life. Even then how do we "spring clean" our magickal items?

To help you and others like you, here is a small tutorial on how and what you should be cleansing while you are in the spring-cleaning spirit. As always this is just a recommendation on how to cleanse. Please feel free to incorporate any of my ideas into your own cleansing rituals.

So, for starters what is the best day to do your cleansing on? I like to do my spiritual spring cleansing on the 1st day of spring. This day is called Ostara and this year it lands on March 20th. This day adds extra growth energies to your ritual and spiritual items but if you are working or traveling it may be difficult to get it accomplished on that day. If your cleansing takes place during the early weeks of springs arrival, you will still reap the extra benefits from the new spring energies anointing your items.

Next is a list of what you can and should cleanse. Each of these holds a place of importance but they can be easily overlooked when you have a busy lifestyle.

Magickal Altars: You should always cleanse your altar. I do mine on the full moon of the month but when spring time rolls around this may be a great time to re-consecrate your altar. Same with any of your altar items like your pentagram, chalice, anthem, censer, etc. Doing this allows an energy reboot so to speak of their magickal uses and reassigns them what they are meant to do.

Divination Items: Again, cleansing them depending on how often you use them helps their energy stay focused and clean of negative energy. If your busy like me, you forget out doing this to your tarot or oracle cards, then all the sudden the cards won't lay right or they don't make sense when you can lay them out. Sometimes my deck won't even allow themselves to be shuffled. On top of their regular cleaning it is very beneficial to spring clean your cards as well. This includes not only tarot cards but pendulums, crystal balls, spirit boards, and any other items that you use to talk to spirits.

Ofrendas or Altars: These are usually home altars dedicated to deceased family members, or saints. Most people just usually set these up and walk away but these too are spiritual items that should be cleansed and maintained. Not to mention this will show these important spirits you are remembering or worshiping a large amount of respect and keeps them coming around more often.

Crystals and Gemstone Altars: Now yes, we recharge our crystals by the moonlight and some by the sun or smudging, and then you put them away in their safe baggies or chest. But if you’re like me and have an altar of crystals that are always standing out its best to take the whole thing apart and clean, consecrate and dust where they stand. This allows the energy of the stones to have a clear connection to the area around them. I can't work covered in dust, can you?

Crosses, Crucifixes, Medallions or Protective Statues: Not only having these powerful items in your home extremely beneficial but we seem to acquire more and more of them on our spiritual journey. We seem to take for granted their protective powers, but we have to remember that even though they work around the clock for us, we must keep the energies of these items clean and refreshed to keep them going. We always take advantage that these items take care of us, so we must remember to take care of them.

Himalayan Salt or Crystal Lamps: I'm not sure about you but mine get dusty during the year. Some say there is no need to cleanse these beauties, but a good spiritual cleansing is always a healthy idea for you and your lamps.

Now the following is a list of techniques you can use to help spring clean your magickal items we just listed above. I personally use each technique as part of my spring-cleaning tradition, and I am now sharing freely so you too can create a tradition of your very own. Remember to write down this new tradition in your BOS to share with future generations. Even if you’re not a witch you can take each of these techniques and transform them to fit your spiritual lifestyle. Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to our unique and individual spiritual development.

Cleansing Techniques:

  • With an altar of any kind remove all items from the top of altars and place them all safely to the side.

  • You will want to wash your altar cloths by hand in fresh cool water and maybe a little natural soap. I use my Meyer's Lavender Soap Bar to remove all the oils and waxes that may have accumulated during the previous year. Not only does it make the cloths clean, but they smell refreshed! I then allow them to line dry out in the warm spring sun. The sun will give wonderful rejuvenating energies to your cloths. The line drying also allows the wind to blow through them lending its power to your fabrics. Of course, you can toss them into the washer and dryer if you are strapped for time but adding some holy water or a pinch of Himalayan salt to the washing machine can give a boost to your cloths too.

  • With a rag soaked in holy water, moon water or any water of your choosing, wipe and clean and wash all your altar items AND the altar itself. As you cleanse and wipe each item and the altars, saying some positive words or incantations while you cleanse will be very beneficial. Here is a simple one you can use. "Spring has sprung, now spring is here, renew the energies of my place name of your item here and keep them clear." You can also use "Build up, build up I wash away, so I may use my name of item here like it is reborn today."

  • If certain items cannot be cleaned in water, don't fret, I have a recommendation. Allow them to soak up the spring sunshine and wind. Again, using the reborn spring elements of the earth will help you achieve your cleanings goals, and opening a window and placing the items safely on the windowsill for an entire spring day will accomplish your task. If you are worried about certain items sitting in the sun like light temperamental crystals, placing them in a location that the fresh wind will sweep over them for a day and leaving them out for a spring full moon will also do the renewed energies trick.

  • If you have Himalayan salt lamps or even selenite lamps or for even altars that cannot get wet, you can always use the dry brush technique. You must remember that these delicate lamps cannot be cleansed with water or they will melt so I take mine into the tub and dust them off with a soft dry brush. This will help them stay clean and being clean can re-energize their positive energy qualities. Also allowing them to sit in some warm spring sunshine can give these natural crystalline diffusers an energy boost too.

  • Finally, create a special spring incense or smudge to rejuvenate each item and re-consecrate them all before putting the alters all back together at the end of the day. Placing a spring candle and doing some prayer work for prosperous growth and renewed life will ensure your cleansing to be a success

If you regularly spiritual cleanse your items, you may wonder why I would suggest a special "spring cleaning". For me the spring time allows us to renew our intentions we had set for ourselves in the previous months during the beginning of the new year as by the spring time we may have fallen off the resolutions wagon. Just like the flowers pushing through the snow we can encourage our intentions to manifest more firmly during the spring months so this to me is a special time to recharge and renew our lifestyle and mindset. Ostara Blessings to you all and I hope you all have a prosperous spring!

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