White Witch vs Dark Witch

So, I came across some blogs recently, one talking bad about white witches and one talking bad about dark witches. Really? Must we do this? Must I take my time and blog about something so petty.

Apparently so, as there is quite a bit of mud slinging going on between witches these days and on all platforms of social media. Now, I'm not sure if it is because we as witches are energetically absorbing all the BS coming from our current administration or if it is some secret planetary alignment in deep space we have not yet seen, but all I know is that for as much as we talk about demanding compassion and acceptance for Witches from other religions or belief systems, I don't see very much of it going on between ourselves.

Let’s start with what a Dark Witch and a White Witch is.

What is a Dark Witch? Well, a dark witch is proficient and tunes into the darker side of The Craft. They are willing to place curses and hexes on someone to help gain favor or seek revenge. They prefer to take things into their own hands rather than let the Universe work things out for them. Dark Witches can be known to use older traditional blood sacrifice ceremonies, worship darker deities and do spells for what others may consider selfish purposes like accepting money for placing a hex on an ex-boyfriend for a client.

What is a White Witch? A white witch does spells and workings for others without a need for compensation. They do not do hexes, curses or spells that harm another. They tend to live by the 3-fold law, what you do unto others will be returned to you 3x worse or better, depending on what you do. They do not use sacrifices in any of their magickal workings and they tend to gravitate towards more light deities and beings like angels. White Witches allow the Universe to guide them and direct them to where they need to go.

To me all this seems to have started when we recently started putting ourselves into categories like kitchen witch or ocean witch or a white, grey or dark witch. Why are we doing this? Separation of what we are only can bring more arguments about who is right and who is wrong. Segregation of any belief or culture just creates fear and intolerance. Just like the war between working moms and stay at home moms. It is so frustrating that women would look down upon one another for what the other does, but both are mothers. Both love and care for their children in the way they feel that is best for them and their children. Just because they choose different courses doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong. I am a full time working mom. I am the bread winner in our household. My husband is the stay at home dad. What’s funny is that moms at the school throw me dirty looks or treat me beneath them because I work full time. The men resect me for working and being a mom. My husband on the other hand is praised by women for being so involved with his kid’s life but scorned by men as being lazy. What caused this? Society and the rules it has placed on us. So why place these same types of rules and place them upon ourselves?

I need Dark Witches to get of their pedestals and White Witches to descend from their white horses and both come to the table for these important questions. The blogs I read have me wanting to address the two things they were throwing at each other and both have me angry. Why do you Dark Witches think White Witches are weak? Just because they choose not to dive head first into the fire doesn’t mean they are fearful or afraid of anything. Do you have any idea how hard it can be to not take any action? And you, White Witches, why do you think that Dark Witches are only cruel or self-centered? Maybe they know the importance of self-esteem and do not want anyone, God or Man dictating to them how to live their life.

The bottom line is this, every Witch has a purpose. Every Witch has a specialty. For me, my specialty is protective magick. I have always been drawn to spiritual protection magick and rituals. Even though I have my disagreements with organized systems of religion I have not once ever limited myself to just the pagan belief system about it. I took my teachings from the Catholics, and Hebrews and many other cultures and religions to find what worked best for me to create my specialty. Why should anyone judge anyone, let alone a Witch judge another Witch? We have come too far to do this to each other. We have all been re-born from the torture, the burnings, and the fear mongering brought about by another’s intolerance to difference. We choose to be different the moment we took on the life journey of a Witch. Why be intolerant to others who have taken on this life journey too?

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