Simple Spiritual House Protection and Energy Cleansing Technique

Performing a house cleansing has been a part of human traditions for centuries. Every culture and every religion have their own unique style of spiritually cleansing a home. In this blog I am going to be going over what can cause the need for a spiritual house cleaning and how to keep the energy of your home and even your vehicles in a positive energetic flow to keep you and your family spiritual healthy and safe.

To me your home is a sacred space. A space filled with the most precious of assets, you and your family. I’m sure if you are parent like me, you take care of where you and your family eat, where you all sleep, bathe, and where you all spend time together. As always keeping things clean and organized helps create a better flow of energy as taught to us by Feng Suhi. This is great but what about that odd feeling you get when something is not right, but everything looks in order? Maybe the family is irritated with each other all the sudden, family members are falling ill without being exposed to anything or just maybe you start seeing things out of the corner of your eye.

After all I have learned, I have come to understand that even the cleanest and organized of homes can have what I call an ‘energy residue’. Now, in a new home this residue can be most likely from the previous tenants, but in a home that you have lived in for years, this energy residue can build up over time from arguments, illness, fatigue and even financial stress. This energy seeps in to the walls and wood and can cause your protective home spirits to have less power and energy to protect you. Think of it like this, you know that soap scum film that builds up in the shower? Every time you take a shower you see it but say, I’ll get to it later. Eventually it drives you nuts because you can no longer see out the shower door or you slip in the tub and almost kiss the tile. When you take the time to clean the soap scum off, everything is sparking and almost new and you feel much cleaner and safer from falls.

Here is a simple step by step Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleaning process I personally use to re-energize your home and keep you spiritually protected. This process can be used with a protection incense or simple smudging herbs, or both depending on your needs. You can also have the whole family help but if you choose to do it alone, do it when you know you have at least an hour to yourself. Turn off all T.V.s and put your phone on silent. Feel free to put on some positive energy meditation music or nature sounds. No, please DO NOT use common music like pop, rap or rock. This will deter you from your goal as it will not allow you to focus on what you need to accomplish. If all else, silence is perfect.

  1. Place Salt or Black Salt along all windows and doors. If you choose, ask the element of Earth to be present in the salt and to help protect your home. This will allow unwanted spirits and negative energy to leave during the cleansing but not allow them back in. From a pagan point of view, asking the natural element of the Earth, aka the salt, to help will ground any renew any negative energies it absorbs.

  2. Open all doors and windows. Ask the element of Air to help blow though out your home. This will allow you to burn your choice of incense or sage without all the fire alarms in the house going off. It also gives an opening for unwanted spirits to leave and allow the wanted spirits to come in. From a pagan point of view allowing the natural element of the wind to blow though the home will push out negative energies and replace that energy with renewed natural energy.

  3. Ignite your sage or charcoal for your incense, (sprinkle incense on the coal when it is ready). As you ignite the herbs as them to release their protective properties and Thank them for allowing you to use them to cleanse your home. Plants are living beings and must be treated with such respect as you would give another being. See below for my Herbal Incantation I personally use to ask the herbs to release their natural properties.

  4. Call in your favorite angel or protective spirit guide, (I call upon Archangel Michael) and/or the element of Spirit to be present in your ritual. You can even call upon family members that have past to aid you as they are always happy to lend an invisible hand.

  5. Start smudging your home in a counter clock wise position, chanting repeatedly your favorite prayer or spell. Make sure each room and hall way and even closets are all filled with the smoke.

  6. Chanting repetitive words ignites and releases the powerful energy you have within yourself to connect with Spirits to aid in what you are trying to accomplish. Shamans, priests and yogis all know the power of chanting and use it in many rituals as a technique to make the task at hand the primary focus.

  7. Spray Holy Water and use Holy Oil to make the sign of the cross on all doors and windows. Ask the element of Water to cleanse and purify your home and clear away any remaining negative energies left behind. The element of water is a powerful cleansing tool. You can use washes to further your cleaning ritual if you desire.

Stand in the center of your home and thank all elements, spirits and angels that assisted you in your cleansing, while closing all the doors and windows.

Now, that you are done you may feel completely drained of energy and exhausted. This is actually a very good thing. This energy drain means you put all of your self into the ritual and have made sure the task was completed. Think of how hard scrubbing away that thick layer of soap scum is. You know how it feels scrubbing that hard-dirty surface, until your back is sore, and you can’t stand up. That is exactly what you should feel like after spiritual cleansing a home.

When your cleansing is over, I tell everyone to do 2 more things.

  1. Take a bath or Shower with a Himalayan Salt Scrub. The water will wash away any residue left on you and the Himalayan salt will give you natural positive energy boost.

  2. Bake something! Bake cookies, bread or start dinner. The act of cooking and taking care of your family warms the house and gets a new positive energy flowing.

Most people say they feel a lighter state in the home itself and that the light in the rooms becomes brighter. Watch your loved ones and see how they react when they come home. Have your family shower or take a bath with salt too to help remove any residual energy from them as well.

Remember that this energy residue can even happen to your cars. After all you are in them almost every day, right? Or maybe you just bought a used car. Sometimes you are in your car for hours at a time so why not consider it as a sacred space and cleanse it just like you would your home.

Now, spiritual protection and energy cleaning is not just a onetime deal, and this is where I think people go wrong. Any spiritual practice is an important part of our life. I feel that to keep bad energies from forming negative energy residue, one must consistently smudge their home. Just like the soap scum, it comes back if left unattended and leaves the same thick, unhealthy and disastrous film. If you stay on top of keeping it clean it’s much easier to just wipe away with a damp wash cloth rather than leaving it to build up all over again in thick layers.

Even if you are not a paranormal investigator you must make cleansing your home a monthly ritual. The importance of a spiritual routine is paramount to living a positive life. If you can, try to make your cleansing around the full moon as it will assist your house spirits and spirit guides more energy to help you in your task. If you find yourself going on bi-weekly or weekly paranormal investigations I strongly urge you to make spiritual cleansing a weekly ritual. You do not want your sacred space to become stained with the energy of the places you have been. For you to be a strong, healthy investigator your sacred spaces should be stronger and healthier!

  • Herbal Invocation by Carrie Rodriguez: “I call upon the element of fire to consecrate these herbs in the name of the Goddess (or God), and I ask that the magickal properties of these sacred herbs be released. Amen.”

  • Protection Spell by Carrie Rodriguez: “Get out all evil, get out all fear, get out all negativity that is meant to harm that is here. Get out and be gone so says I and leave nothing behind as you fly. Nothing is allowed in spirit or in flesh, that means to be cruel cause harm or cause distress.”

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