Surviving a Mercury Retrograde

Yes, today is the official start of the infamous Mercury Retrograde. Everyone who follows astrology cringes at the thought of this turbulent cycle. This round is from April 9th 2017- May 4th so we can basically kiss the month of April goodbye. With Easter coming be prepared for family get togethers that may be a little eggs-treme....get it? Thank you...I'll be in the same boat you're in for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Now getting past my horrible punny humor, for starters what is Mercury Retrograde? A retrograde of any planet looks like it going backwards in the sky. It is kinda like pulling a reversed tarot card in that when it is going backwards the negative traits of that planet will show. For Mercury this planet is known as the Messenger of the Gods. This means Mercury rules all lines of communication including writing a letter to talking on a cell phone. Expect a lot of dropped calls and lost emails for the next few weeks. Mercury is in charge of where you are going. Travel, work, and even a trip to the supermarket can all be compromised while Mercury is in retrograde. Import and export of products, trade and commerce are also under Mercury's influence. This is why most feel that making a purchase or signing deals are not the smart thing to do while Mercury is in retrograde.

Now, since all you hear are the negative things that have happened to people during this time, let's consentrate on what we can do to make Mercury Retrograde less invasive in our lives.

  1. DO NOT purchase anything electrical during this time. Mercury loves to mess with phones, computers, televisions and anything with an electrical current and yes this includes your car, like its electrical system and battery.Don't worry, if you need AAA’s go ahead and buy them, I doubt they will blow up.

  2. DO NOT start anything new. Starting a new job, commitment, project, launch a new website, start a relationship, open a store etc. Starting new things during this time can lead to a lot of problems that may not be easy to solve, like maybe the new roof you are getting installed during the retrograde ends up having a leak or that new job you got involves a lot of drama.

  3. DO NOT make important moves. This includes asking for a raise, moving to a new place, selling something, making a will, traveling to a foreign land, having an elective surgery, and having anything extremely important shipped to you. So if Grandma’s urn needs to go to a special location for her final place of rest, I would suggest waiting to ship her or taking her yourself as USPS just might misplace her.

  4. DO NOT try to solve major issues. Mercury rules communication and when in retrograde anything you are trying to accomplish will be set way back. There are a lot of misunderstandings, arguments and break ups that occur during this time so if you are sick of your husband's socks laying around, maybe wait a few weeks to have that conversation with him

Of course life happens and if something blows up due to Mercury Retrograde then of course you will have to buy something to replace what you lost. I suggest if you can, wait to make the major purchases. But, if it is imperative like a cell phone or an I need it ASAP situation, just do what you gotta do. Don't live in fear BUT do do your homework. Maybe that microwave that's on sale may not be what you were looking for...know what I mean?

For the rest of the time here are some ways you can keep Mercury's negative energies at bay.

  • My go to cure all are my stones! Stones are the most natural form of positive energy and protection. Carry them in your pocket so you can hold onto it and absorb or receive the energy needed. As always wearing stones as jewelry is always a great way to absorb a stone's energy as well. Don't forget to place some stones in your work space and car as this will help deflect anything happening in those areas. Keep a black tourmaline and lepidolite and selenite next to your WiFi router as to help absorb any negative interference.

  • Get a flow of positive energy into your home, work and car with a smudging ritual. This is a great way to alleviate and block any energy from others that may invade your home, work, or private space. Even a car needs a good spiritual cleansing too. After all, how many hours a day are you in your car? If you cannot smudge you can just place a bowl of herbs and protective salt in the area and that will help immensely.

  • I do not know about you but I start lots of projects and have quite a few lying around as I come up with more creative ideas. Basically, use this time to finish things you have previously started. If you started a project before the retrograde then it will not have the same energy, thus allowing you to follow through and be successful with it. Concentrate on the list of RE’s. This list includes Re Organize, Re Evaluate, Re Do. The Retrograde always gives us the opportunity to perfect ideas and projects, so use this time to touch up on these endeavors before moving forward to completion after the retrograde.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! My favorite thing about retrograde is taking the time to take care of me. I take salt baths, I have tea and catch up on my reading, my hubby makes sure I get alone time, I bake and cook for my family and I do anything to keep my spirits up. You need to plan something out so you can do the same. So many people say I have no time to do that. Well with retrograde stopping you from doing so much, you now have no excuse for the next few weeks, as you have nothing to do, right?

Listen, life happens and how you handle yourself is really what it is all about. Do not be scared or fearful the retrograde is here. If you have to have your gallbladder taken out in an emergency surgery then of course it must be done, but ask everyone for extra prayers and a loving flow of energy towards you and you will be fine. Keeping calm and handling the negative in a positive and graceful style will get you a better reward from the Universe and in how others will react to you.

Keeping a positive mindset is important in getting you through anything life throws at you. If you decide to be a “Negative Nancy” and you are constantly expecting something bad to happen, then Mercury will make sure it will.

Just try to remember, we are all going through the same thing so take the steps to make the best of it. You want to end up saying, “Wow, that was not so bad....when is the next one?”

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