2017 The Year of the Wonder Woman

For anyone who really knows me they understand I am a huge Wonder Woman fanatic. I have been since I was a little girl. My mom has a picture of me dressed in my Wonder Woman underoos, sitting in front of a TV watching Linda Carter rope up a bad guy with her Lasso of Truth. When I would play outside with my friends, I always had to be Wonder Woman, and I would never be a sidekick. As I have gotten older I collect WW comic books, wear WW inspired clothing and drink my daily matcha outta my Wonder Woman Tervis and I am still no sidekick!

For a little original background on Wonder Woman, Princess Diana or Diana Prince as she is also known is a Goddess among mortals. She was born among the fiercest of warriors The Amazons, a group of women on the island of Themyscira. The Amazon's all must always wear metal bracelets as reminders that they must never submit to men after a defeat by a tricky Hercules, who steals Hippolyta's magic girdle given to her by the Goddess Aphrodite to try and enslave The Amazons.

Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta took all the Amazonian warriors to the hidden island bestowed to them again by the Goddess Aphrodite. Hippolyta after finding peace wanted a daughter, so she carves one out of clay and names her Diana, after the Goddess of the Moon. Aphrodite then grants life to the clay. Diana is brought into WW1 after finding Steve Trevor on the island and answers the call given by Aphrodite for the fiercest Amazon to rejoin humanity and fight against the enslavement of the human race by an evil warmongering God and the men who follow him.

Wonder Woman takes along with her the powerful Lasso of Truth aka Lariat of Hestia, The Magick Girdle bestowed by Aphrodite to her mother aka Golden Girdle of Gaea. Eventually she also carries the Sword of Athena or aka "God Killer”. Diana’s bracelets that were formed from the remnants of Athena's shield, the Aegis, which Diana also carries. Wonder Woman also gets cool things like invisible jet, magic 5 pointed star earrings and magic tiara that bears the same 5 pointed star. (I find it funny that Diana carries so much magic and flies, like a witch maybe?) All her powers are given to her by the God and Goddesses in order to keep man in check. Eventually we find out she is actually is the true daughter of Zeus and is a true Goddess as she also can use her bracelets to control the lighting as Zeus does and can create weapons to help in her fight against tyranny.

To really get my 'geek on' and show you the power of our Princess, in a crossover between DC and Marvel comics, Wonder Woman is the only other known person to pick up the Hammer of Thor. The hammer can only be wielded by one who is pure of heart and unwillingly fights with only the best of intentions.

Captain Steve Trevor falls in love with her and even after many attempts at getting Diana to marry him she always turns him down saying that the safety of humanity and care of the Earth is her calling. Throughout the ages Wonder Woman's classic story has never really changed, in that she is the epitome of the force, power and grace of a woman. To men, 'hell may hath no fury like a woman scorned' but in Wonder Woman's case any battle that has ever or will ever be fought, is not nearly as deadly as when it is fought by a forced woman driven by love and compassion.

As a fan I have waited for about 8 or 9 years since they first started whispering about making a Wonder Woman movie. As a spiritualist I find it funny that they decided to release it this June. The Goddess had a role in this delay no doubt about it and here is my opinion of why.

From the beginning of 2017 the Women's march for equality as exploded. Women all over the world are tired of being underpaid, trafficked, exploited and repressed. When a man who pushes himself on women, talks so disgustingly about women as a whole, can actually buy his way into and is elected into the most powerful position in the world, every woman’s intuitive, warrior defense shield went up.

We all knew we were being called to battle,

and again and for a war we already won.

It was very disturbing to me to see other women upset with the marches. If found it disturbing, not because they were upset with it, but because of the lack of knowledge these women had about the matter. Women saying they do not feel the oppression so there is no problem? Women actually embarrassed by the loud, profane, angry voices? I head one woman say “they do not speak for me, only my husband can do that.” The lack of education and self-worth astounds me. The lack of empathy makes me physically ill. How can you say that protestors do not speak on your behalf when every protester and activist before them has given you the RIGHT to disagree with them?

For just a second let’s change the word RIGHT to FREEDOM. Stop and think about it, do you not feel the oppression because you have become desensitized by the very freedom that has given you freedom? Does it really have to go as far as you losing your freedoms for you to see what they are protesting for?

Well, the last time I checked protests are designed to be radical to bring attention to the subject matter. Back in the early 1900's women would picket for the right to vote quietly and we won because in that day, that was considered radical and got attention. In 1955 an African American woman by the name Rosa Parks just sat in her seat quietly and refused to move and that time that was considered radical and it got lots of attention and eventually helped lead to the passing of the Civil Right Act of 1964. In the 1970's NO UVAS was screamed during protests designed by the United Farm Workers and got lots of radical attention because it was a protest cry in Spanish that got over 17,000 million Americans to avoid buying grapes!

Today, we wear pink pussy hats and cuss because it is considered radical and gets attention and by the Goddess it is working! More and more people, men and women alike, are having their eyes opened to the mirage that had us believing we were somewhat in charge. Once your eyes are opened you cannot forget what you see. The system is broken; the 1% is still controlling us.

The reality is that our bodies are not our own, as all it takes is quick legislation by corporate conservatives on Capitol Hill to stop us from managing our own personal reproductive health. We are told who we can marry and are looked down upon when we marry outside of our race and sex, even though we fought and won for this. Disgustingly, arranged marriages are still happening to girls as young as 12 and yes, in this country by a cult in the southern states that expects its women to live in a separate house during their menstrual cycle. We as women are not allowed to be fully educated, as commercials for beauty and sexism are implanted into impressionable minds to drive young ladies away from mathematics and biology and into Victoria’s Secret. We are still underpaid for the work we do and we still are expected to stay home and clean. Now you may say that these things are ok for YOU and that YOU feel happy being a stay at home mom, have a great arranged marriage or prefer having a low wage job or are pro-life. Again, the freedom that has been given to you has desensitized you to the fact that your sense of security in your freedoms, is all a mirage because men like the ones in power now, can take it from us with just a piece of paper and 24k gold pen.

Even though we may not see eye to eye on all the issues it is so very important that a person's voice be heard. If one person is in pain, we all are. If one person is forced into sex trafficking, we all are. If a person is abused, we all are. If a person is hungry, we all are. We are ALL connected to each other. Regardless of our race, regardless of our sex, we are all humans striving to be treated as equals, to be loved for who we are and to be FREE. When one right is taken away, other rights will follow and that means no one is free.

Wonder Woman stands for truth, justice, grace, and self esteem. She stands in the front lines ready for the battle and will charge headfirst to keep the innocent from falling. Wonder Woman protects the Earth and all living being who dwell upon her. She prefers a peaceful democracy and when that is threatened she suits up and takes down the oppressors. Wonder Woman from her conception has shown us that even with great power among lesser beings, a true Goddess in her fury can take down those who try to burn her children, then show compassion to the instigators after their defeat. Wonder Woman takes on every fight with a smile as she enjoys the thrill of battle, not to spill blood, but as a way to test her fortitude and willpower to get the job accomplished for the betterment of the world.

Spiritually we are ready for a massive change in the way we are all perceived. We are ready to live through love and light but we cannot do this standing idle as dark forces try to bind us. This is where the inner Warrior Goddess, the Wonder Woman within ourselves emerges, ready to face the racism, hatred and greed and then fight till the end in the names of our children and our Earth.

The dawn of change is here.

Suit up.

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