Major and Minor Arcana Tarot Card Reading for 2017

So every year I draw two cards to see what we can expect for ourselves and what theme the world may have for the coming year. I usually just put them on Instagram but I felt this year I should write a blog as to allow you to have a little more info about what's to come. This year will be about a dynamic start to major changes in our world and I do not want anyone feeling like they are losing themselves in this shuffle for power.

Lets start with what I posted for each card on my Instagram:

Major Arcana Tarot Card for the year of 2017; #8 The Chariot :

This year it is time to take the reins and drive your ambitions towards fulfillment. The leg work has been done over the past few years, now is the year to drive what you desire into reality. Remember that if you choose to allow negative energies to drive you the end result will be devastating for all involved. Keep focused on the positive and know you can change directions at anytime.

Worldwide for the 2017 year, others are stuck in their mindsets and beliefs and will do anything to drive those beliefs (negative or positive) into reality. This year is the time that humanitarian revolutionaries are driven to stand their ground for the rights and freedoms of all people. Be driven to take back what belongs to us as humans using our voices and diplomacy. This year will be the beginning of a larger scale transition for our world.

Minor Arcana Tarot Card for the year of 2017; 7 of Wands:

The ambitious drive of the Major Arcana card The Chariot, will lead us into conflicts as we may only focus on needing to get where we need to go. While having such a driven energy, we may accidentally run over some toes or inadvertently plow people over. From these conflicts, learn that apologies are necessary when we are in the wrong, so do not be afraid to show remorse. This is not a sign of weakness but a sign of maturity.

World wide there will be many more conflicts on the horizon, and however extreme they may progress, in the end they can result in growth for the human race. Spirituality, financially and mentally, as long as we all choose to learn from these conflicts we can grow in a positive direction. If the higher powers of the world choose to remain eyes closed and fight only to remain in power, will these battles run us ALL into the ground. In doing so they will create humanitarian revolutionaries that will start us towards a more people run democracy. Of course this will lead to more conflict as there are still those that refuse to see eye to eye. People will need to learn when it is worthwhile for the world as a whole and for themselves to stand their ground and learn to know when to hold back from being judgemental and work on being closed minded.

In Conclusion:

Now you may be asking what does this all mean?

World wide, right now there is a dynamic shift of consciousness taking place not only on a spiritual level but in all areas of our being. We ended last year being fed up with the world being the way it is, but we still had a blocked vision on what to do about it. In the beginning of this year people will learn to let die and remove the blockages that kept us from doing anything about these injustices. Slowly we will see corporations and the "elite" taking over and that will slowly force us to be pushed towards having to take a stand. Until now people were afraid to do so, but as we start opening our eyes to see that past activists have already created a foothold, this year will be all about people uniting towards a common goal and starting to take back what was ours all along, freedom. Unfortunately this also means that people with a more negative view point will also start to do the same thing. This is where the deeper conflicts will come in. Thoses who choose to remain unchangeable, unadaptable and unwavering in their beliefs and viewpoints will cause of course a break in our need for human unity. This will lead to more conflicts between ourselves like we saw last year and unfortunately we will be too busy arguing amongst ourselves that we will not see a much greater world conflict being stirred up behind our backs by the ruling class, creating something much bigger and more dangerous for our world. Fortunately, there will be someone who comes along that will start opening our eyes to this war mongering conflict and if we push back just enough we can get the driver of our chariot to change course quickly to avoid catastrophe.

As for ourselves, we are now in control of where we want to go. We have learned to drive our lives and have become awesome drivers being able to steer ourselves in the directions that can lead us to where we desire. We must remember however that there are other drivers on the road and that it is not all about us. If you are driving your chariot for the first time then watch out for accidentally running people over with your excitement. This can create conflicts on a deeper level and people will remain bruised unless you have learned to say you're sorry and mean it. This actually will help us with our personal world/humanitarian viewpoints as well. We will be able to discuss issues and learn to accept others regardless of how we feel about their way of thinking or believing. This will allow us to change course and adjust to the environment while driving our chariots. In layman's terms we will start acting like unconditional friends, lovers and human beings all while driving for success for our goals and ambitions.

I hope you all have a Happy and Blessed Year!

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