Spiritual Protection and Ghost Hunting Part 2

Now just because you are happy and can figure out another's energies, doesn't mean you are fully spiritually protected. Understanding energies helps us understand the power of all beings energy and why we need to add spiritual protection to our lives. We all have our bad days that can turn into bad weeks or even bad months. Again you are a bright white light attracting things on a spiritual plane that may not always be good attraction. This is where it is important for you to learn and perform the spiritual protection ritual that works best for you on a regular basis. Not only will your ritual and items protect you from negative entities it will make your life happier and healthier in the long run.

If you have seen the movie Dogma then one scene depicts what society and cultures have taught us about spiritual protection. The lady in the movie who just so happens to be the descendant of Jesus Christ, and who is a non believer, is under attack with her friends by a demon. She is told to place the sign of the cross over a sink of water and then of course it is immediately blessed and turned into holy water just by her touch alone. They throw it on the demon and it kills the demon. All because she is the descendant of Jesus Christ. This scene tells me how easily it is to be swayed by idea that just some of us are good enough to ward off evil and that the rest of us need to beg to those who have these abilities to protect us on our behalf. As you can imagine there are a few things I disagree with in this depiction. One, ALL OF US have this protective ability. Two, Holy Water is not the main item out there that can remove negative beings. Three, you do not have to be under attack by a demon to use spiritual protection items.

If you don't understand what I mean here is a quick personal story. I went on a paranormal investigation with a friend. Her husband has been a paranormal investigator for years. Since he wasn't coming along, out of good intentions, and unbeknownst to her, he thew his protective energy on her. In all honestly that was the most BORING investigation I have ever been on. Every time we were together nothing happened. I spent most of the night with her and got nothing, when I was without her I got lots of activity. Another story for you, I was a docent on a paranormal investigation. A woman was talking about her incident at another haunted location and how she was scratched and kicked. When someone brought up she should have had some type of protection to help her, she want on to talk about all her spiritual jewelry made of protective gemstones and how protective it was as she wears it to all locations, including the one to where she was attacked.

First thing you need to know is that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. As a woman who loves cake, this is a bummer. I am sorry, but the fact is that if you use protective items and rituals in the right way, you will not get any paranormal activity while investigating. Stop and think about it for a minute. If you have something of "protection" in your pocket but get paranormal activity while investigating how is that possible? To me that is scary, because if and when you REALLY need the protection, can the item or will the item work for you?

Spiritual protection is all about intention and the power of your belief in that object or ritual. Belief in a protective item should not be based on the immediate fears you feel while under attack. You should believe in it 24/7. Know and understand that your energy and intention to be protected by any ritual and object are just as powerful as any exorcist coming to help you if not more so. We all have the Divine given power to spiritually protect ourselves and loved ones. You MUST believe this in every cell of your being. This is what happened with that boring investigation. He was worried about her an unintentionally made it a very boring night. For the woman who was attacked a couple of things I can think of to why she was not fully protected. One, she may have been sold a fake gemstone bracelet as real protective gemstone connects and work with their owners spiritual energies OR She truly had no faith in her stones and made no effort to connect with them hence her stones did not help her.

Protective gemstones and crystals like Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidians etc are very protective and receptive and want to help the person who owns them. Crystals and Gemstones were created by Mother Earth for many purposes. You will know when you feel it with your receiving hand how much attention was put into its creation by the Great Mother. After all most of them may have taken millions, thousands, and newer ones hundreds of years to be created in the the right environment. To me they are a piece of the Soul of the Mother Earth. Treat each one with care and see its energetic magick unfold. Now each stone has protective energies associated with it. Check out The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall or I have a great Pinterest board where you can find gemstone and crystal info. So for me I get selective about each stone I use and for what purpose. My Black Tourmaline keeps curses, hexes and evil from me.The protection from this stone for me is sharp and powerful and actually stabs at anyone who tries to get to me. My Apache Tear calls ancestors to protect me and had a light and gently form of protection and healing around my aura. My Snowflake Obsidian keeps gossip and negative influences away from me and it has a powerful but mild effect, kinda like a big red KEEP OUT sign.

Did you know you can actually "program" gemstones and crystals to help you and your individual needs? For example, if you are in a negative environment at work, program a stone that has the protective qualities you are looking for to help you with that situation. How? This is my technique. I place a gemstone into my "giving hand" , mine is the hand I write with and then energetically program how I want the gemstone to protect me, by thinking ONLY about what I would like it to do to protect me. I push this mind energy from my mind, down my neck and though my arm into the receiving hand holding the gemstone. Imagine the energy lighting up the head then neck then arm as it travels down to your hand and imagine that light energy being absorbed like a sponge into the stone. That's it, you have just programed a gemstone for your specific purpose. Then when I am in that particular situation or before I then take the gemstone into my receiving hand. For me it is the hand I do not write with. I then ask the gemstone politely to release its protective energies to me in the forms I programed into it. I usually feel a warmth or charge in the palm as the energy transfer takes place. It only takes a few seconds so this is why I keep them in my pocket where it is easily accessible. Typically if you take care of your stones with proper cleansing and allow no one else to use them then you really only have to do this once. All you are programing is how you as an individual needs to be protected. You are putting your energetic imprint into it so when the need arises you can grab it and get what you need. You can add as many programs as you like keeping in mind they do need to be cleansed the more you use them. Once a week for extreme situations and once a month if it is only used for short periods of time. Understand once you have left that situation the program will cease to exist. Every situation has its own energy so you must reprogram for that particular event.

Besides gemstones and crystals there are talismans, holy water and holy oil, amulets and so many other things. For me I find the powerful ones are the ones hand made by someone who knows how to place their intentions into the item. But the really powerful ones are the ones you make yourself. When you make something be like the Divine Creator creating something for a greater purpose or Mother Earth creating the gemstones and crystals. You will know when you feel it with your receiving hand how much attention was put into its creation. This is why I am particular about where I get my Holy Water. Man has flaws and to me this lessons the positive energy of an item like holy water. If you get holy water from a church and maybe it was blessed by a priest who is not a nice person, how powerful is that item and will it work for you. I think of it like this. If it was given the power to protect everyone but gay people how protective is it really. Now do not get me wrong. If you have a great priest or church that is a provider of holy water or oil and trust this person's intentions are full of love and light then yes that's a powerful tool. Again it is all about belief and intention. When in doubt make it yourself.

Now I hope after all this you understand the importance of developing a spiritual protection ritual for your home and before or after paranormal investigations. Now the most important thing about your technique is that you must be comfortable and FIRMLY believe in everything you are doing. Google spiritual protection techniques and then develop your own way of performing each ritual. Each person on this plant has a different belief system so what may work for some will not work for all. Find what feels right to you then make it your own.I utilize many different religious and spiritual belief systems and do not conform to just one as every religious technique can be powerful as long as you are comfortable with it and put your beliefs into it. For an example let me share with you how I do things so you may see how it can be done. For me I have a protection ritual of several things on a weekly and monthly schedule. I will list them to give you an idea of what this schedule should look like.

  1. Once a month on Full Moon Nights I use my Protection Incense and Smudge Ritual. This includes not only the smudging and smoke but doing a spiritual cleansing washing of my front doorstep, Holy oil and Holy water sprayed and placed all all windows and doors into my home. This also includes my car.

  2. Weekly Spiritual Cleansing Salt Baths with gemstones. I do mine every Sunday. This helps remove any negative energetic residue I may have attracted during the week. It helps seal any holes that may have been made in my aura from giving my energies away. The salts and gemstones are the stars of the show here as they enhance the cleansing abilities of the water in the tub.

  3. Meditation every night using guided meditations and or Binaural Beat Meditations. This helps me focus on the present moment. It helps me focus on the energies that are my own so I will know if I am inveterately causing something paranormal to happen and helps me focus on what I need to learn to control and listen to when it comes to my psychic abilities.

  4. Keeping a gemstone on me at all times every day. If not a tumbled gemstone a piece of gemstone set in sterling silver in the form of rings, earrings, and pendants. This helps me focus on my energies and what I am putting out to the people around me and the environment around me. If I am too fleeting I wear garnet to ground me. I need a boost in self esteem I wear my citrine etc.

Now, during investigations I always keep a bag on hand that contains my stones, holy water and holy oil. I do not however bring them in with me. They stay in my car. To me they interfere with my ability to talk to spirits. I put so much faith in my items that their power will protect me even when I do not ask for it. Some may think this is foolish but I have been in investigations that people wear tons of protection and we get no activity. What's the point of investigating when you allow fear to stop you from doing it? I know that if something tries to hurt me I can push it away as soon as it happens. If I feel more protection is necessary because the entity will not back down I then stop investigating and go get what I need to get it to back off. I then recenter ground and go back in. More serious issues and what can be done we will discuss in the next blog post.

Let me add this in as one last thing to always remember. You do not have to have any of these items or other types of items to spiritually protect yourself. As long as you know that you are powerful enough to remove and banish what is trying to get to you, just your thoughts and words alone can do it. We all carry the divine given ability to remove anything that comes our way. We all have the ability to block anything or anyone being sent in our direction. All we need is our intetion and faith in ourselves to accomplish that goal.

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