Spiritual Energy and Ghost Hunting Part 1

Ok, so I have been asked many many times how one can spiritually protect themselves during a paranormal investigation. With Halloween approaching and people who are not yet wise in the ways of spiritual protection jumping into paranormal investigation these days, I think the time is right to talk about true spiritual protection.

There are soooooo many articles, blogs and techniques out there on what to have with you to spiritually protect yourself. Some people think that it is easy, just light some sage and bad things stop happening. They think just holding a protective stone will keep them safe or for the super lazy, just find someone to get rid of negativity for you so you can go about your daily life undisturbed. Now don't get me wrong, special situations like exorcisms require several people and should have only professionals help. Also seeing a Reiki healer when you are suffering energy drains and need energetic healing is super beneficial. So really, the questions we should look at are as follows. WHY is spiritual protection important? HOW do you use spiritual protection and WHAT to use before during and after an investigation? WHEN is it deemed necessary to seek help? Now this is going to be a long blog so I am dividing it up into 3 posts so I can give full attention to each category to help get you informed. I hope to help you understand and find answers to these questions so you may feel safe and secure while investigating.

WHY is Spiritual Protection important?

Anyone who investigates will tell you that the first few years of investigating they may have felt like paranormal magnets. Getting EVP's and seeing things are common in the first few years. Then as quickly as it came to them it starts to dwindle. Really this is due to the spirit realm getting to know you. When you first start investigating the spirits see you as this bright shiney new beacon. So they are excited that there is someone new to hear their voice and stories. Your mind is also wide open at that time and unless you allow other paranormal investigators, paranormal TV or horror movies to influence you, you are more likely to see and hear things with a new fresh set of eyes. Not only does your beacon attract the spirits you want to talk to like famous entities who haunt famous paranormal locations and so on, but it also attracts the negative dark entities. The ones that will latch on and drain you for every ounce of energy they can get. The dark nasty ones who will wreak havoc in your home, screw with your relationships, destroy your health and live off your suffering energy. The majority of these negative beings are not demons. This is good for us to know because these little buggers can be kept out of your life with more simplistic forms of spiritual protection. As far as demons go, they are more likely to stay away from the strong people (aka Light Workers) who know how to spiritually protect themselves. Demons look for weak people. They have no desire to do battle against the light. The only really look for the ones who do not possess the knowledge on how to defend themselves on the spiritual plane. This is where starting and learning about spiritual protection from the beginning of your paranormal career becomes vital. If you are able to show the darker spiritual realm how strong and knowledgeable you are, then you are less likely to fall victim to extremely dark forces in the demonic realm. In order to show this we must understand spiritual energy.

I feel all of us have psychic abilities. Some of us just have switches turned on that others may not have on. The one switch I feel every human has in the ON mode is empathic abilities. What are empathic abilities? This is the ability to FEEL the feelings, emotions and energies of other living and spirit beings and yes this also includes animals. YES, empathic abilities are linked strongly to our intuitive abilities, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Lets just focus on empathy for right now. Anything that is alive or has energy we can feel. Not only can we feel them but being made of energy ourselves we can also ABSORB what we are feeling from that individual or spirit. I am a firm believer that we do not purposely wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I feel that most negative feelings are tossed at us on an energetic level causing us to then act accordingly. If during our sleep, when I feel we are the most energetically vulnerable, something tragic happens in the world or if someone chooses to throw bad energy your way because they are mad at you, we then absorb that negative energy and then wake up feeling miserable.

When we wake up feeling miserable we as a human being (not a spiritual being) throw off own negative energies and feelings onto other people. How is this happening? This negative energy is absorbed by humans then takes many forms in our actions towards others like getting into an argument with a loved one, road rage, impatience with the grocery store clerk, gossiping, jealousy, workplace bullying and to me the worst form, cussing at people. NO, I am not talking about dropping a can on your toe and letting out a huge S$#&!, I am talking about telling someone to go F-off and Die with as much anger and hatred as you can muster up. Now it is not just in our sleep we can attract these negative energies. We can wake up happy as a clam and have one bad experience to bring our happiness to a hault. Have you ever stood by someone in a bad mood then you got into a bad mood? You just absorbed that person's negative energies.

If you are still confused about how our emotional energies affect each other this is a personal story that has just recently occurred in my life. I have a wonderful co-worker who is leaving our office. When she told us, everyone got sad and started to cry. Even my boss. I then became a huge sponge to every person in that room and all that sadness got sucked into my energetic field and stayed there. That night I cried myself to sleep but had fearful dreams that night about my office and woke up feeling terrible the next day. What is funny is that everyone else the next day was ok. Why? I took it all on for them. Like always my empathic abilities absorbed the others emotions so they would not feel so bad or so afraid.

Now I hope that we understand and know that it is not just in paranormal investigating we need to apply spiritual protection in. We need this for everyday life as well. All this negativity is a vicious cycle and has made a breeding ground for negative beings who just may become attachments onto people. Blocking these negative beings from your life can happen as long as you are knowledgeable about this energetic issue. Know that negative energy attracts negative spirits beings etc. Now I am not saying because you are in a bad mood can you attract a negative attachment I am saying the longer and more often you are negative the greater your chances of being noticed by Them. If you are a miserable negative person, the more delicious looking you become for their energetic feeding. Understand they use this miserable form of energy to thrive and live. Once you you know what is happening and change your behavior to break that cycle they have to move on and find a new host. For some this may become very difficult. If a negative energetic attachment fights to stay on it may be because of issues with alcohol and drugs as well bipolar issues and anyone with a severe depression disorder. These attachments are harder to break as a whole lifestyle change must be made. Usually when the lifestyle has been changed for the better then the negative attachments move on. If you ever had a friend who changed their life around for the better you can tell the feeling of energy around them has completely changed.

Now the bright side to this is that it is not just bad or negative energetic emotions we can absorb but every energetic emotion. Happiness, sadness etc can be tossed around from one human to another by our actions and words. The whole pay it forward line was started by the emphatic desire to change another's bad energy or mood into a happier one. Look how awesome that turned out. People now do it all the time to give other people a more happier "vibe". Hence the sayings Never go to bed angry and Pay It Forward. How can you feel if another person is a good energy or bad energy? It is not by the way they look I can tell you that. Start with your family members and focusing your attention onto their energies, feel what their bad, happy, sad, insecure, anxiety etc mood is like with your spiritual hands then and push it away from you. What are spiritual hands? They are my hands, in my mind that look and feel like my physical hands. You can make your hands into anything you want them to look like. This is just what I choose to do. The best thing about them is that NO ONE knows what I am doing when I use my hands. I use them to feel and then if need be push away feelings I do not want to feel or absorb. When you get the hang of the family, move onto a coworker and feel with your spiritual hands their happiness, or sadness then learn to use your spiritual hands to push it gently away from your energy without absorbing it. The more you do this the better at feeling energies you will get. This will of course enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. Once you start to feel the energies of the living, the ones from the departed will start to become more prevalent to you. You will actually be able to tell when someone or something negative is coming your way by intuitively feeling the energy of the spirit and determining a good or bad or BOTH in any given situation. Especially when we are dealing with a plane of existence we cannot see with our eyes. It becomes very important to trust that we can feel, if it is a good energy or bad energy, and intuitively know if it is safe or time to call the EVP session quits. We may never know exactly who the spirit we are communicating with is, but you will feel its intentions.

My next blog post will be about How and What to use for spiritual protection.

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