United we stand, Divided we fall.

Maybe it is my psychic abilities, my empathic sense when something world changing is about to happen. I was in a bad mood all week. Feeling tense and irritable. I do not watch the news as it is too depressing and it leaves me having nightmares of murders and nuclear bombs.

Then I woke up to the chaos in Texas. Saw the news from Minnesota. Read about Louisiana.

Then I saw the meme's calling for a civil war..........really? A Civil War? Against each other?

In my opinion, people should start calling for a revolution. We must stop fighting each other, and stop allowing Them to turn us against one another.

We should all stand united against the 1% who put us ALL in this situation in the first place. They are the billionaires, the corporations, the war makers, the corrupt politicians, all whom are in charge of the kleptocracy.

We all love our country so much, and they use that love to have us fight their wars. The justification always being our freedom, but it all really is the billionaires just lining their pockets, making bullets and bombs, and using them to spread their anti humanitarian propaganda, while our wonderful sacred soldiers and police officers die by the hands of the forsaken and the forgotten. People who are so downtrodden they have no way to escape but only to fight back out of the grief, anger and madness brought about by the repression of the 1%. We are desensitized now, as loved ones are burying the innocent lives that are falling like autumn leaves in a windstorm, at the hands of the racist, crooked and brainwashed who are left, after the good ones are gone, to police all of us.

They blind us to the homeless, the starving children, the mentally ill in our own country. These people left to rot on the streets, like a half eaten GMO created cheeseburger that was too filling, even for the consumer who never seems to be really full. They sidetrack our hunger for the truth with reality tv shows, gossip columns, and control ALL of the media so we see none of what we truly need to fill ourselves with.

They have always divided us by ethnicity and by religion and by our sexuality. We have allowed them to put us in classes, upper middle and lower, dependant upon our worth to them. They use us to work double shifts at the lowest wage possible and toss us off to the side, when our hands have become worn, wrinkled and tattered, and can no longer clean the counters to a sparkling shine. Forget your retirement benefits, 50% needs to go to securing our freedom, while you take a job at 80 as a grocery bagger just to make enough money for your dying spouse's medications.

Today they are taking away our rights to defend ourselves, our rights to express our concerns and even our rights to our own bodies. They drive fear into us using "terrorism" as the excuse. Always they pit us against each other by our own beliefs, and WE ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS. After all, it is easier to live day by day ignoring the truth, faces glued to our cell phones, and fixated on Facebook status updates.

Lets all continue to unfriend each other over who we are voting for and ignore the fact we should be voting for NONE OF THEM. We all should be screaming and chanting for real change in the face of this crumbling society we call a 1st world country. We should be updating of our constitution, our laws and replacing our out of date and lazy government officials, not scraping the bottom of the barrel of delegates out of survival. But first before you stop to place your ballot don't forget to pick up a powerball ticket. After all it's the 1 out of 100 million chance to become one of the 1%, and then if you win, you will be one of them and like them, none of this will matter to you.

If we all stood together to take back our country from the corporations and the billionaires, if we all walked and stood together in front of the capitol, in unison, hand in hand, regardless of religion, regardless of ethnicity, all the soldiers, all the police, all the teachers, all the doctors, all the nurses, all the mechanics, all the homemakers, all the children, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE..... all HUMANS in this country, all 300 million people, who wish to live happy and free and in peace , do you know what would happen?

We would win and without one shot being fired.

There are more of us, then there are of them.

All we need is unity. One people, one voice. United and standing together.

But what do I know? I am just a crazy woman who calls herself a witch, hunts ghosts and does psychic readings.

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