My Paranormal Attack

You think with all the knowledge I have gained over the years I would be more careful. Paranormal investigating is not safe or easy even when you are healthy and so with my immune system already low the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just stay home. A few weeks before I had started taking a regimen of echinacea, probiotics and immunity boosters due to the rise in colds at my work so honestly I felt good about getting over this cough quickly. A coworker of mine had it the week prior but she didn't get really ill. It was just one of those cold and cough deals. My body felt fine, I had no fever, I suffered a slight case of mild allergies in my eyes due to the rise in the pollen count, so really I just had a simple cough. The meds suppressed it so I knew I could control it during EVP sessions. It was so terribly hard to give up that night I have been looking forward to, not to mentioned I already paid for it, plus I had new equipment to try out and as the reasonable reasons to go piled up I told myself "Suck it up buttercup" took my handful of helpful pills and went.

All was well that Saturday afternoon, until I got to the house. Right away I felt a swarm of eyes looking at me. A nurse spied on me from a window above me. She was concerned about my illness. The rude nasty boy who visited me the previous night (that's another was there and with him 2 little rude nasty tag alongs. Others walked around the perimeter eye balling me to see what was different this time around. I was in the center of a psychic bullseye so I had a feeling I was going to pay for not taking care of myself.

During investigations as soon as I walk in the door I let all the spirits know my strength and my abilities. I inform them I am willing to talk but I am strongly protected so as they do not try to mess with me or anyone who is with me. This time though, these nasty kids and dark shadows saw my weakness and knew there was a chink in my armor. This news spread and soon anyone popping in and out of the house knew The Witch has returned but this time...she was weak.

Everything happens for a reason. I know it is so cliche to say that but those words hold a copious amount of truth. During the investigation a friend of mine was attacked. Scratches appeared on her neck. As time progressed they worsened, bleed and turned an angry red, so of course I take my energy and try to shield her from anymore damage. We all decided to call it quits in that room. I am happy I was there for her. I gave her a Snowflake Obsidian and we stuck together for the night so I could continue to protect her. We got no more disturbances and I think with the amount of protection I was giving off, I was keeping away most of the paranormal activity so it was actually quiet for the rest of the evening. By 1am my body was done so we left early. I am happy to report my friend is doing fine. Feels great and the scratches faded rather quickly.

As for me, not so much. Sunday I woke up feeling drained and depleted, I didn't even have the energy to try and sleep in. I forced myself to drink lots of fresh lemon water and keep myself hydrated. Monday I felt even worse but forced myself to go to work and then by Tuesday I had to call in sick as I was wrapped in a blanket, miserable and achy curled up on the couch. I was able to get myself through 2 more days of work before finally giving in and going to the doctor on Friday. Come to find out, I had a sever sinus infection and maybe a bladder infection to top it all off. The bladder infection, according to my doctor may have been due to the dehydration and large amounts of Mucinex I was taking. My doctor prescribed me a kick ass amount of antibiotics that a few days later lead to a horrible amount of dare I say it...diarrhea. So yes they really did "kick ass". It seemed to have slipped the mind of the doctor to explain to me that with the amount of antibiotics I was taking that I needed to take a strict regimen of probiotics. For anyone who may not know let me save you the horrible discomfort and anguish by informing you that if you take antibiotics in large doses it will kill all the good bacteria in your system and leave your system swimming in the bad bacteria leading to the most horrific experience of your life. I thanked the Goddess that I already had a top of the line probiotic in my medicine chest and was I swallowing them down as soon as I was off the phone with the advice nurse.

As soon as I started the probiotics, everyday that went by for me was much much better. It took about 2 weeks but I was back to feeling like myself again, so much so that I was able to drink coffee and even do an investigation even though I was still healing. I happen to be a docent for 2 homes in Hayward CA that are haunted. I have been to both houses many times and know the spirits of the homes well. We had a public investigation coming up and those are my favorite because I get to be a teacher to those wanting to learn about paranormal investigating. Again, lots of reasonable reasons to go, ( I am really good at finding reasonable reasons! ) Now during that investigation I did see something I had never seen before. A black shadow being that turned out to be a nasty elemental type of figure. I was able to boot him away but it took a lot of energy to do so. It did not leave me feeling ill but for a few days I was not really able to do anything spiritually without just giving up and walking away. Eventually I snapped myself out of it with a quick cleansing of my home and self. I was feeling somewhat better but not a 100% better. I was then asked to do a cleansing for a business office. It was the Blue moon in sagittarius how could I say no...reasonable reason accomplished.

So what happens? Right after the cleansing, for 4 days I start feeling depleted and down, like a cold is coming on. My intestines are not feeling the same and I start taking a turn for the worse. I am still on my probiotic regimen, no antibiotics have been taken so I have no clue why this is going on. Then one evening after dinner the diarrhea kicks in to the point I almost passed out. My husband scooped me up and took me to the emergency room where I end up spending most of the night with an IV to counter my dehydration.

Now being sick for over 2 months is just ridiculous. Especially when all of the test results come back negative and there is no reason for me to keep getting this ill. As I laid there with the IV drip connected to 2 bags, I saw little signs all around me telling me that there was a more spiritual reason for all this. The room I was in was Room #1. That tells me I need to be taking better care of myself and making sure I am top notch before going head first with negative spirits. Then the number 24 was on the curtain of my room that was covering the door for privacy. Why is 24 important to me? The number 24 is my birthday, my husband's birthday and our anniversary day. 24 showing up was reminding me that I am not getting any younger and that I have a husband and family to take care of and I cannot do any of it if I do not take care of myself first...back to #1. 24 being on a curtain reminded me that I needed to make sure I am physically whole before going through the spiritual curtain or veil between worlds. I left the hospital to a half moon, as I got into the car we drove home and saw that we got back to our house at 2:22 AM. I looked up the meaning of 222 and saw a post saying "Symbol of new beginnings, the next step in your path, fresh air in daily routines." I also read that this number tells us to not be upset with ourselves for making mistakes but to learn from them to keep going to fulfill our spiritual destiny. The next day and the day after I had no spiritual energy and no way to kick start it. What ever attacked me got me and got me good. Needless to say, I got the point.

One of the signs of a spiritual attack is when you cannot do anything spiritual. My whole life has pointed to me being a protector and a remover of bad entities. One of the ways the "dark side" tries to stop a lightworker is by coming between them and helping people.They try fear, intimidation and threats all of which does not work on me. They try and deter me though messing with my computer during a reading or making my protection books not be delivered to me by USPS ontime. Now they elevated their game to getting to me though my body being ill. Now I know that it is time to get serious.

To elevate my game I dug through all my books to find a ritual that will be stronger than the traditional ones I have been placing as they have been working but not completely. How could they when my continued illnesses are a gateway for darker energies to get to me. Now I have Archangel Michael who protects myself, my family and my home physically but it wasn't until now I realized I needed someone, a separate protector to protect our health as well. I dug out my copy of The Witch's Shield by Christopher Penczak and found his meditation to find a protector. This book is awesome as it comes with a CD to listen to the meditations. I put them on my IPod and did his Protection Spirit Meditation. During the meditation I found Anubis. Yes, he is the Egyption God of the Dead, but who better to protect my health from spiritual attack then from the God who knows the spirits who have passed on so well. He asked for an altar dedicated to him in return and to wear an ankh for a while so spirits understand that my health is under his protection. He then licked me. Odd, no he washed away my illness and marked me. After all he is a jackal. After finding Anubis I have performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual as described by Mr. Penczak for 3 nights and when I feel like I may be under attack again.

I am happy to report I have been able to finish this blog because of all these steps. (I started it 4/5/16 when I first started getting ill.) I am still tired and slightly drained, but Archangel Michael reminds me to not have anything that will exacerbate my tummy. Only healthy and light things. Taking care of myself physically is just as important as taking care of myself spiritually. My ankh around my neck reminds me to pray to Anubis if I feel my health derailing. I am grounding more and taking my time. There is no need to rush into anything and it is ok to say no for the moment. As of now I am taking the whole month of June off of paranormal investigating so by July I will be ready to go. Taking care of myself physically is just as important as taking care of myself spiritually, for me this is a large lesson learned.

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