Obsession with Spells and Readings

So, awhile ago I came across my name on a website. I was one on a long list of readers someone compiled together off of Etsy to try and expose as frauds. Now, this community forum is a place for people to go to expose fakers and frauds including tarot readers, spell casters and fortune tellers. It was started by a group of moderators and I feel it was with good intentions, because they wanted to expose the ones who take your money and run. The downfall to this forum is that it seems to have gotten out of hand with people OBSESSED with finding true love, people looking for revenge in dark forms, people who desperately need someone tell them their future step by step accurately and cast spells that work immediately.

It saddens me the amount of people who are extremely obsessed with doing this. The amount of money they are spending can be better placed somewhere else in their lives and it seems that they are driven by grief, anger, betrayal, despair and loneliness.

Here is a list I have compiled of ways for you to avoid this type of obsession and to help you get connected the right way to a reader or a spell caster;

1: Find a reader you connect with. Asking a repeated question till you get the perfect response is not what reading is about. Reading is about getting help from your guides to help during life. If you find a truthful reader who connects with you on all levels the STAY WITH THEM. The longer you are with a reader the better for spiritual contact.

2: NO ONE can see everything and you are responsible for the energy YOU put into the reading as well. Sometimes a reading can be a bit confusing depending on how much info is given by you and how many cards are pulled by the reader.You can actually BLOCK a reader from seeing if you want them to fail or refuse to be honest. People always seem to put up roadblocks to hide what they are ashamed of. This does not allow for a reader to see exactly what is going on and can inadvertently redirect them to giving you an answer that is nowhere near the situation.

3: Understand that spells, enchantments and all magick is not for fun and games. It is a serious and real entity and should be treated with respect.

As a witch I know that if you want something done, do it yourself!!! If you are afraid to cast your own spell then why should it work for you to have someone else do it? If you chose to have someone else do it, then do as with readers, find one that resonates and is truthful with you and STICK WITH THEM!!! They cannot work for you if you do not allow them to have the full capacity of your energy. The longer you are with them the better the magick will work, and even then… it will only be as long as the Universe allows it to.

As a reader I have always said that I am not a fortune teller. I have a list of ethics I follow. You pay me for my time and energy spent trying to help you. It is not on me if you refuse to hear the advice given, make excuses to why you don’t understand or get angry and post bad reviews because I was not “accurate” for you. I will bend over backwards to help you but in the end it is you who have to truly understand the motivation behind your wanting a reading in the first place.

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