Absorbing Negativity as an Empath

I started working at 14. I use to go to my grandmother’s work and file papers for twenty dollars. I loved working for her in her tiny little office. It was fun spending time being adored by my grandmother and so exciting when I was able to run files to others offices. They would always great me with a warm smile, a squishy hug and maybe a monetary thank you for getting the file to them so quickly. I would always think of how wonderful it would be to go work so happily every day when I grew up. The hugs, and kindness and smiles of all your co-friends. I just couldn't wait to get started working!

I then grew up (much too quickly I may add) and started working through various retail jobs, each with its own unique brands of merchandise. People would shuffle in and make their purchase trying to avoid eye contact. The ones that did make eye contact were always angry about our lack of stock on their much needed item or frustrated about their wait in line. I was rarely greeted with a smile at the cash register and to the corporate office a person leaving you an extra penny was not a tip but a reason for termination if you took it. The employee turn out rate was always high as teenagers left for college and adults would go looking for a higher rate of pay at other stores, so making life long co-workers (no longer co-friends) was almost impossible. Management never worried about if you took your lunch on time, but made sure you never went into overtime. Eventually I realized how dead end a retail job could be, so at 29 and pregnant with my fourth child, I went back to school to become a dental assistant. I passed the state exams and became an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant).

I then happily found my first and last job in an orthodontic office. These past few years have taught me one thing. Customers never change, even if they are now called patients and co-workers still leave for a higher rate of pay, so the turnout rate is just as high. Honestly I found myself quite surprised. I assumed that having a career over a job would make people happier and more self-assured. I thought that patients would be happy to see the same familiar faces at every appointment. Instead I find some patients avoiding eye contact through the entire time I’m working with them, while other patients making eye contact are angry about the time they had to wait for their appointment.

As my spirituality has progressed so has my knowledge of what the real culprit behind all this.....NEGATIVITY. There are dark, nasty negative vibes being sent out by cranky, rude, unknowing individuals and they are directing that dark energy toward my spongy empathic abilities and darkening my aura.

So take a person who has had a really bad day, is late for their appointment and ends up with me working on them. They throw down their bag in frustration and proceed to tell me how horrible our check in system at the front desk is. What happens? Every empath should know what happens next. I absorb it, like that episode of the sponge at the bottom of the sea where he absorbs tons of garbage to clean up his town. I then, like him become IT. Garbage = Negative. I get irritated at her for being nasty to me. I then proceed to spread that negative attitude around all day, and then others absorb it...like sponges. The dark ruthless cycle continues into my home and to the store and in my car. It’s horrible.

Now I can go anywhere with this but today let’s just stick to my work environment. I know crystals and gemstones absorb negative energies and can even block someone from sending energies my way. I know there are spells that repel or block or reverse the negativity directed at me. I would love to take a truck load of crystals and gemstones place them all around me along with a circle of black salt surrounding my desk and just sit right here in the middle of my protective wall of magickal doodads. But alas, the boss might not like me just sitting in my protective area all day, so what to do? Well I came up with a great way to help ease my way when dealing with negative people and the dark masses of energy they unknowingly throw around in this world towards me.

  1. First thing I do with a rude person is smile. I then make a slight joke and laugh all the while making eye contact. I try to get in touch with the person who seems to be in a bad mood on a one on one basis. I then envision giving them a marble size sphere of white healing energy from my own. Why be so kind to someone being so rude? Because I have no idea what they could be going through. Their mother may have just died, their wife may have just left them, and they may be in debt so deep that their house may be taken away. At the risk of sounding cliché: You never know what another’s life is like till you walk in their shoes. Almost 90% of the time they return the smile and apologize and they leave a little happier than they were when they entered the office. Their aura is a little brighter and my aura is a little stronger for the interaction. Now I do come across those that always complain about their life, they are never happy and treat me like an indentured servant, and for those people I cannot help with a friendly smile and polite conversation I do the following steps.

  2. I take a Dead Sea Salt Bath once a week. I include gemstones that will help remove negative impurities from my aura and give a boost to my empathic abilities. I love to use a mix of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst. I envision all the negative mucky muddy negativity washing off me and sinking to the bottom of the tub. I then get up unplug the tub and let it all wash down the drain. I rinse off and rewash with the salt any areas I feel the murkiness may be left on me and wash that down the drain as well. For me the negative goo will flow to the ocean where the Mother Sea will purify it and push it out and turn it into clean positive energy for the waves and tides.

  3. I have a wonderful friend who works with gemstones and she made me a beautiful bracelet of Amazonite. It gives me a boost of energy and blocks negative energy from leaking into my aura. I wear it on my right wrist because when I tried to wear it on my left wrist it caused my heart to speed up a little and cause me to shake like I just had 8 shots of espresso. Rule of thumb; Be mindful when wearing crystals. If you feel a stones or crystals effects when you wear them one way try wearing them another. Now that it’s on my right wrist it gives me a more gentle energy.

  4. Before going to work in the morning I envision a large white light surrounding me. I ask the Goddess to share a small marble size sphere of that energy with each person I encounter that morning. I ask her to give them no more and no less. That way no one can take and absorb from me more energy than I am willing to give them. I like to give my white light to help them have a better day and stay in a positive mood and to help balance my own energy so I am not giving out so much because it leaves me feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

  5. When I feel in my gut that I’m going to be dealing with an especially negative person (on any given day) I take out of my purse and carry a small amulet of Black Salt in my pocket. When I come across that person and they are being rude about some form of work I didn’t do to their liking or gossipy about another co-worker or just plain ‘ol mean because that’s the way they like to be to people they feel are beneath them, I grasp my little Black Salt amulet in my pocket, say my little protection spell and “poof” they be gone as quick as they came.

  6. I end every day with a meditation. I lay in bed after anointing each Chakra with its corresponding oil and after placing a Blue Lace Agate under my pillow, I turn on my soft meditation playlist on my IPod and allow myself to relax. I then ground myself. (I personally like to think of myself growing roots into Mother Earth from my feet). I then envision my body and the color of the murky negativity like a yucky garbage color fog all throughout my body intermixing with my white light. (Depending on the day it may be darker or lighter depending on how much negativity I’m around.) I them envision myself pushing out all the murky darkness out of my white light and through my feet into the Earth where the Mother will then renew it and release it into the world in the form of white healing energy.

  7. Surround yourself with positive people. Having a co worker who helps you gossip or one who spreads negativity can do you more harm than good even if you are not the one who is doing it. Involving yourself with people of that nature leaves a residue on your own energies causing you to go into a funk.

Most people say ‘Why don’t you just put up a big barrier of protection all the time?” Honestly for me it takes up more energy to constantly protect myself then to do it when it’s only necessary. I also feel that my white light aura acts as both a barrier to evil and a beacon for those who may need me so I don’t feel comfortable shutting myself down completely. Now yes, I do find myself so tired I just crawl into bed and pass out. I forget to give everyone their white light marbles so on and so on. What I find is that if I stray from my aura cleaning and protection I become just as moody as those others out there. So for myself I have learned as long as I follow my spiritual path and live by my guidelines for removal of negativity from my aura I’m a much happier, lighter person with my sharpened empathic abilities. All this makes way for me to add a little of my own light to the world.

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