Am I a REAL Witch?

So Last night I received and email and to my surprise it was from another Witch....Here is the email...

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  • Message I was wondering something...If you are a bruja as you say, how can you believe in Jesus Christ? I noticed that a lot of your stuff has crosses on it. If you are a true witch you would not believe in that man, he is of the catholic religion, not of the witch's. I've been a wiccan witch for 38 years, and do not believe in him as most witches don't. I believe that to be a true bruja he goes away just like any other ordinary man. You can not be true to the witches if you honor his son because we are all the Goddesses and Gods children. I don't not mean to be rude but can you please explain to me your true religion. Thank you. NAME OMITTED

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Now since I am a Leo,( A Fixed Fire Sign LOL ) I did jump right out of my bed and went straight to the computer to tell her off. Like always I read what I type and cringe at how I can be so mean. After all we all have our dark side. I then realize the error of my ways, find my Zen place and rewrote it not only to help the person who has emailed me but to also show that I forgive as the Divine would want me to.

Here is my response to this email.

Well Hello,

Let me give you a definition of an Eclectic Witch:

"Eclectic Witches create their own personal practices and belief or religious systems by re-creating or borrowing knowledge, practices and other various parts of wide spread belief systems from other pagan, neo-pagan and non-pagan religions that could be considered outside the normal scope of Witchcraft or Wicca, such as Buddhism and Christianity. Many Eclectic Witches refer to themselves as Solitary Practitioners, Sorcerers, Hedge Witches, Green, White, and Grey Witches. Some even consider themselves Wicca, as long as the Rede is adhered to, the Earth and the Universe revered, A Goddess and/or God is acknowledged and worshiped and the practitioner stays true to themselves, they believe themselves to be real Wicca."

I myself have read the Torah, The Bibles of almost all Christian based faiths, The Quran and other religious based books for the simple reason of trying to understand and to incorporate the most beautiful and meaningful about the Divine in each one in my life. From a protection magick standpoint I consider anyone a fool who chooses to not utilize all positive spiritual means to protect themselves.

Now you have read a simple definition of who I am let me elaborate as to WHY I believe in the power of the Crucifix. That “man" on the crucifix is a son of God and the Goddess and a profit and it is my belief that every person who has been persecuted in the name of a religion should be looked to as a martyr for all of us as peaceful, loving, and truth finding individuals. Jesus Christ brought us many truthful and beautiful messages straight from the Lord as other profits have done and I have found knowledge in his wisdom just as I have in Buddha, Gandhi and other amazing messengers. And yes, I have statues and pictures with ALL of them in my home as well.They may have been "just men" but they were great men, men who lived for others, to help and serve God in their own way and should be respected as such. Not only do I believe in these men but I also put my faith in women such as Mother Theresa, The Lady De Guadalupe and The Earth Mother herself. I have also learned to love and respect the living patrons such as Malala Yousafzai. Why? They are just people....but they are amazing and fill this world with love light and hope. They do what we ALL are suppose to do.

As far as Jesus Christ being of Catholic origin you obviously need to train yourself better on other religions and stop looking down your nose at others through yours. Jesus Christ was a Hebrew and Catholicism was not even around when he was alive. Just for you to have gained some knowledge, understand a Crucifix is NOT a cross and a cross with the Corpus of Christ on it is called a Crucifix. It is one of the most powerful symbols against evil in the world and I will not keep such a fantastic symbol out of my life because a dogmatic religion has tried to turn it into something negative, just like what others have done to the mighty Pentacle. I also would be careful about speaking on behalf of other Witches. There are more of us like me out there than you think.

I find it interesting that you yourself are judging me on my faith as we Witches are NOT supposed to do. We are supposed to love all faiths, all religions and all people as long as it all HARMS NONE. By shutting yourself away from any amount of knowledge is a pity because you cannot ever reach your true spiritual potential. To tell me I am not a Witch is as disrespectful and immature as a teenager bullying another. I am sorry that you have had your mind closed for over 30 years and I hope through this you will learn to open your mind up more and stop demanding that others explain themselves to you.

Blessings, Love and Light to you.


AKA La Hermosa Bruja

Now What saddens me about this is that one who calls herself Witch is persecuting another Witch (myself) for my beliefs. I had to sit and think about this and this is what I have come up with.

For centuries Witches have been persecuted, tortured and burned for their beliefs. But so have Christians, Hebrews, and many others in various religions all over the world and also because 'someone' does not agree with the way that person chooses to believe. All this horrible ideology has caused is a world full of hate, intolerance and war.

So then why would a Witch be so against another Witch's beliefs after suffering from this type of persecution?

To me it shows that consistent persecution turns the persecuted into the executioner just so they can survive in this world. How do we stop this from happening when there are so many negative energies, hateful emails, dirty looks and holy wars going on around us?

Love. Pure Unconditional love for all of the human race and in all it’s glory AND it’s faults. Just as God and the Goddess have done for us. Understanding. Read their Bible, read their holy scriptures. You may not agree with everything you read but as long as you take something of beauty and value from it how can it hurt you? The truth is that it can't and it can only make you spiritually stronger and get a firmer foothold into your beliefs. Patience. Yes patience is a virtue and we all have it, but it is like a muscle and it must be exercised to get stronger. Yes, there are evil religions that want to kill other human beings for their beliefs and dogmatic principles being thrown at us constantly by the men in charge of our country but one must understand that to find peace and balance within ourselves we got to know that we cannot change everyone. Just ourselves, and hopefully help a few along our path.

For everyone who is having a hard time keeping this balance, and feels the need to inflict negative attitudes about others beliefs please, remember;

and ye HARM NONE, now do what ye will.

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