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We Deliver
  • Please allow for up to one week before the items you ordered are shipped out. This allows me time to gather several orders before I make the trip to the post office. Since I live out in the country I prefer to go to the post office myself to make sure your items are safe and securely dropped off. If I did not do this I would have leave them out on a dirt road for pickup.

  • All items are shipped, for security, VIA Flat Rate USPS Shipping. This allows for you to track your package and know it's arrival time. 

  • While the cost for shipping may seem high you are actually getting a discount from current USPS Postal Rates. For example, as of October 2022 a flat rate bubble mailer is $10.20 but I only charge you $9.75. 

  • All my packaging is RECYLEABLE! The tape and labels I use are all removable and reusable. You can use the boxes for gifts or to mail something of your own. The bags all stones and smudges come in are paper and can be recycled or reused for gifts. Please consider our Mother Earth and reuse the packaging or place in the appropriate recycle bins in your area.


Shipping & Handling

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