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La Hermosa Bruja

 My Name is Carrie Rodriguez and I am a Psychic and Paranormal Investigator. On the more personal side, I am married to an amazing and gifted husband. Both of us were born and raised in San Jose, California. We have been apart of the paranormal community since 2014. A few years ago we started our own paranormal investigation team,

Los Gatos Paranormal. Together we have 5 children.

 My magickal name is La Hermosa Bruja. Translated the meaning is "The Beautiful Witch." Not beauty as in looks, but as in pure in spirit and ethics. I am a Solitary Practitioner and I do not belong to a coven. This is my own choice as I feel belonging to one would hinder my spiritual journey. Yes, I am a “real” Witch and I have chosen to specialize in protective magick when we came across some disturbing paranormal activity after moving into our first home. 


  I was a paranormal docent for Hayward Historical Society’s paranormal program and for the Kennedy Mine paranormal program. I love to be involved with community programs that help the less fortunate and boost spiritual moral.

 My psychic abilities started around the age of 8 and after seeing spirit people I became afraid and asked God to help me stop seeing what I was seeing. Well, the Divine answered and my abilities went silent. As I aged my empathic abilities became stronger but it wasn't until many years later my full abilities were reawakened when I found myself in a life or death situation.


 When it comes to tarot readings,  I started reading the Tarot around the age of 19 for family, friends and myself. My first time doing readings for strangers was in the first AOL chat rooms. In 2008 I started to offer my services through EBay and Etsy. In 2012 I started my La Hermosa Bruja Facebook page.


 Today, I now have this website and online shop and I have connected with people from all over the world and have reached up to almost 23,000 followers on Facebook and almost 1,500 on Instagram. Both are my favorite social media platforms and where you will find me most often.

 My goal is to help, teach and provide to people the understanding that they are not alone and that when they need a spiritual kind of help, I'm here. I am not like other "readers" online that use Tarot Reading Computer software, I am the real deal. Sitting on the computer with a cup of coffee and my cards. I want to help teach paranormal investigators the importance of spiritual protection and the many uses it has in the field. 

 I also create my own incense, spell kits and offer spiritual protection items for those who do not possess the knowledge to do it themselves. I offer my services at no cost to paranormal teams in need of a psychic or to do a spiritual cleansing. I will help the team investigate private homes for a  haunting or to find negative entities and if needed, I find a way to cleanse the home.


 I also have a line of handmade handfasting cords, ropes, and spiritual theme jewelry as I love being creative and integrating my spirituality into everyday items.

 Please know that I am doing everything I can to recycle, reduce, and reuse all packaging materials for my products. I am currently working on developing a label-free, 100% recyclable plastics only, recycled paper and cardboard only business as to reduce the carbon footprint left behind on our beautiful Mother Earth.

 I strive to give you excellent quality in everything you purchase and I hope to gain you as a lifelong client.


Blessings, Love, and Light to You




La Hermosa Bruja

I offer my services at no cost to paranormal teams in need of a psychic or to do a spiritual cleansing. I will help the team investigate private homes for a residual haunting or to find negative entities and If needed, I find a way to cleanse the home.

I will perform cleanings utilizing techniques from all religious and respected methods. I do ALL of this FREE of charge. I do ask for donations to help me keep these free services going as it does cost money for gas and materials.  Please and Thank you for your donation as any amount will help in my goal of helping others stay spiritually protected. 

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